Version/Feature Time Frame Comments
SEB 3.1 for macOS/iPadOS/iOS 2022
  • SEB Server support.
  • Text search on web pages.
  • Unified code base macOS/iOS.
SEB 3.2 for macOS/iPadOS/iOS 2022
  • Support for live remote proctoring based on Zoom in combination with SEB Server.
SEB 3.3 for macOS/iPadOS/iOS 2022
  • Enhancements for feature parity with Windows version (side menu in macOS, controls for WiFi, keyboard language, audio etc.).
SEB 3.4 2022
  • New standalone tool which can be run before/during an exam by proctors to verify the correct SEB version is used on a student device.
  • Windows: Use native Zoom SDK for improved stability and performance.
  • Improved built-in accessibility features.
Outlook on SEB Development Areas 2022 - 2023
Improvements when using SEB clients with SEB Server  
  • Live screen sharing/observation using Zoom proctoring with SEB & SEB Server
  • Screen recording with SEB & SEB Server, including meta data about the SEB client environment during the recording.
General goal: Full feature parity for Windows, macOS and iOS (where technologically feasible)  
  • Refactored and redesigned SEB Configuration Tool (and built-in Preferences in macOS version) with improved usability.
  • Support for Additional Resources (external and embedded), which can be opened with icons and popup menus in taskbar.
  • Embedding of SSL/TLS server certificates into config files, certificate pinning
  • Improved user interface with browser tabs in addition to browser windows.
  • Configurable spell checking
  • Full AA+ compliant built-in accessibility features.
Improved methods for checking integrity (code signature) of the SEB version used, especially important for BYOD scenarios  
  • New Browser Signature Key (BSK), which allows to verify the application code signature integrity of connected SEB clients in SEB Server, but doesn't require copy-pasting a hash string like the Browser Exam Key.
  • New security module inside all SEB versions, which is distributed only in code-obfuscated, binary form.
    • This module will be used for generating the new Browser Signature Key and verifying integrity of the SEB client checking its code signature. 
    • By keeping the source code of this security module secret and applying methods to make reverse engineering more difficult, we can protect better against fraud with manipulated versions of SEB.
Extended SEB JavaScript API for better integration with online exam and Learning Management Systems (LMS)  
  • Many SEB features can be controlled with Javascript command from an LMS and online exam system, to improve SEB integrations in these systems. 
  • Compatible with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Secure Browser API Specification.
SEB Integration in LMS and E-Assessment Suites  
  • Encourage and support SEB integration for further e-assessment and learning management systems (requires SEB Alliance Gold Membership)
  • Extended documentation on how to achieve “deeper” integration for higher security and improved usability setting up exams, enabled by the new SEB API.
  • Foster cooperation with LMS communities and e-assessment suite vendors.