Outlook on SEB and SEB-Server Development Areas in 2024

Community and Cooperations
  • Screen proctoring with SEB & SEB Server.
  • Screen recording with SEB & SEB Server, including meta data about the SEB client environment during the recording.
Screen recording of individual exams with respect to data privacy
  • Screen recording with SEB & SEB Server, including meta data about the SEB client environment during the recorded exam session (optional feature).
  • Securely store, view and erase recordings according to given data privacy regulations
Screen Proctoring
  • Monitor exam candidates live screens and see what’s happening on their desktops
Improved security and fraud detection methods
  • Improvements to security modules inside all SEB versions, which are distributed only in code-obfuscated, binary form.
  • Enhance virtual machine detection
Accessibility of SEB Server
  • Make SEB Server accessible for people with disabilities according to the international Accessibility Standards WCAG
SEB and SEB Server Integration in LMS and E-Assessment Suites
  • Currently SEB Server offers deep integrations in Moodle, Open edX, OpenOLAT and ANS. We are looking forward to integrate further e-assessment and Learning Management Systems
  • SEB Start URL functionality for a lightweight connection of any web-based exam system with SEB Server
  • Signature verification for third-party applications, providing version restriction by configuration file
  • Secure (isolated from the OS) clipboard implementation in SEB
  • Safe Exam Browser for iOS, Windows and macOS is compliant with the international Accessibility Standards WCAG. Further information on the individual success criteria and conformance levels as well as information on limitations were outlined in the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template documents (VPAT WCAG edition):
  • New option to export SEB settings as configuration links or QR codes.
  • New and overhauled application integrity checks improve security
  • The new Application Signature Key (ASK) functionality allows automated application integrity checks similar to the manual use of the Browser Exam Key.
  • The new server-driven Browser Exam Key (BEK) can be used for improved SEB Server integration with LMS and e-assessment suites
  • Blocking AnyGPT by default
  • When using SEB Server, one or several SEB clients can be locked (with a red lock screen with optional, individual message) and unlocked again by the server.
  • Improved SEB Verificator for macOS and Windows
  • Improved MDM configuration for SEB on iOS

Please find more detailed views on new and improved features on the release notes pages of SEB for macOS, iOS, Windows and SEB-Server.