Feature Time Frame Comments
Integration of a virtual desktop client into a exam system based on SEB.

Q3 2013

The SEB kiosk application will be used together with a VDI client to achieve safe exams together with third party applications using virtual desktops. On Windows the VMware View Client can already be used, on Mac OS X this will also be possible with the SEB 2.0 final version.
Concept for using tablet computers for browser based online exams with a SEB version ported to a tablet operating system  Q3 2013 Important aspects of using touch based tablet computers for online exams (keyboard, battery life and recharging, costs, LAN vs. WLAN, ergonomics, infrastructure) need to be evaluated well as a first step before a possible porting.
Automatic quitting (or activating a menu command/button for quitting) SEB after finishing a quiz. Q4 2013 After the examinee finishes and submits the quiz, SEB can quit automatically. You won't need to communicate any secret quit password or key shortcut to exit SEB. This feature will be available in SEB 2.0 (in SEB 2.0 preview for Mac OS X already available).
Individual, secure and simplified configuration of SEB by using encrypted .seb files. Q4 2013 Provides an easy way to configure SEB individually per exam, especially when using unmanaged computers like student notebooks (in SEB 2.0 preview for Mac OS X already available).
SEB Starter: Code refactoring and porting to .NET. Q1 2014 The outdated code base will be modernized, which will also easen further development of SEB.
URL filter (whitelist) with configuration interface. Filtering of specific content embedded in web pages. Q2 2015 A URL filter with a configurable whitelist makes SEB usable also for exam systems which don't have a safe quiz mode (which shouldn't incorporate links to external websites) and without using another firewall software or hardware. Some content (configurable) might also need to be filtered by SEB, mainly on external websites which are allowed to be opened during exams (see next feature).
Porting SEB to iOS. Q2 2017 After SEB 2.1 will already be touch optimized for Windows 8 (Intel CPU based) tablets, SEB for macOS will be ported to iOS (iPad version). Porting to other tablet OS would require external contributors. 
Option to open additional web pages or sites during an exam in separate SEB browser tabs or windows: SEB 2.2 Q3 2017 In some exams it can be necessary to allow students to use some additional resources available on the web. SEB will get an option to configure which sites or pages can be opened. The GUI will get elements to navigate on these web pages, to arrange the browser windows on the screen or to switch between open tabs.